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New job once again!

Once again i left a company behind and joined another one. This time it's a major difference though, as i completely left the entertainment industry for now. I'm not leaving game dev, I'm still as fascinated by that topic as ever and i will pursue my passion in private, but from a professional point of view I'm out of games. At least preliminary.

And would you believe, from all fields of business, it's medicine. I'm not a doctor or a nurse in the slightest, instead I'm focusing on artificial dataset generation for AI training. What sounds like a boatload of vapor is merely a fancy description for creating a glorified character creator in Unity. It's pretty much another system as you have in games like Skyrim, just with a focus on artificial intelligence. It's quite a challenging task and I haven't been put in so much control of a project ever, but so far I can only say I love it. Being payed to code and do art in Unity is quite a dream come true for me.

So yea, we'll see what the future holds. I'm still a huge scatter brain about my own projects, but I have more time on my hands to work on them. The fact that I post here is already an attribute to that, as I was able to revamp my homepage project a little. The future looks bright for once!