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Gamerz... ARG!

Wow, i'm embarrassed for calling myself a gamer since the whole shitshow around "No Mans Sky". 

Crying on internet boards for weeks about how a product is not what it was advertised as, that at least sorta sounds to me like "not having all too much of a life". I'm pretty sure at the time he said those things he thought he could make them work. In that regard you can call it a "broken promise". And yes, if you're butthurt enough, you might equate a "broken promise" with a "lie"... It's still a rather petty way to distract from the fact you paid for a product without knowing anything about it. But yea, call the people that like it "apologists", way to go doublestandard there. This shitcampaign is so out of proportion by now, it's beyond ridiculous. The "He just wanted to make a quick buck"-argument is just pure and utter evil. I work in the gambling industry and i know what "making a quick buck with idiots" really looks like. Konami took a dump on gamers and is big in gambling now. Does any gamer care? No. A guy tried to make a game that was far beyond the scope of an 8-person-team and failed, yes, that's the target for all your hate.

Just sad.